Unlocking Realms
To access a new realm you must unlock it, unlocking a realm is typically done by speaking to an NPC (quest) who will then show you how to get to the new realm.

New realms can usually be unlocked at 100 level intervals starting at level 95.

The NPCs to unlock realms are located at the following:

Unlock Sandydale Basin
Location: Horatio inside the Hermit Hut at 22, 13
Realm: Knotwood Valley
Level: 95

Unlock Riverscape
Location: Xarix at 90, 82
Realm: Sandydale
Level: 195

Unlock Barren Downs
Location: Verolia inside the Travellers Monument at 96, 91
Realm: Riverscape
Level: 295

Unlock Lakeview
Location: Undead Pirate at 79, 82
Realm: Barren Downs
Level: 395

Unlock Three Glaciers
Location: Famed Explorer at 45, 10
Realm: Lakeview
Level: 495

Unlock Coldbreeze
Location: Grug mok at 2, 62
Realm: Three Glaciers
Level: 595

Unlock Frostvale
Location: Tanas Caluse at 20, 57
Realm: Coldbreeze
Level: 695

Unlock Seven Sisters
Location: Explorer Vakesh at 81, 94
Realm: Frostvale
Level: 795

Unlock Royal Hollow
Location: Commander Roberts 99, 67
Realm: Seven Sisters
Level: 895

After a realm is unlocked use World > World to switch realms.