Creating a Character
Log into your account using the links in the Lands of Hope, Windows Program folder or use

After logging in, the main screen will show a "NEW CHARACTER" button in lovely green text, click on this button and you will be taken to a new screen to choose your Profession and Sex.

Everyone starts as the Human race, you can not change this when you make your character, however you are able to evolve your race later on into lots of different races.

You can preview important information about your Profession using the New Character screen, its advised you read the information on each profession very carefully making a note of the profession evolution choices and also what types of armor that profession can use.

After you are happy with the Sex and Race, click the Continue button you then have a final screen to choose the name, whether you want chat on or off (default is off) and what server you wish to play on.

Finally you must tick the box to indicate you have read and understood the TOS, you have to do this everytime you make a character. Then you click the big green "Create Character" button and within a few seconds you will be pushed back to the main screen with your new character created and waiting for you to login.

You will note three buttons are now visible on the main screen:

You will log into this character, typically a new game window is opened.
Safe Mode
You will log into this character but many settings are reset to defaults, including Chat. This is to allow you to play the game if for some reason a setting you change prevents it from running normally.
You will be taken to a second screen where you must enter your Account password so that you can delete your account.

For now we just want to play, do we not ... so click the Play Button !