Creating an Account
To Create a new accout you need to visit the new account screen, prior to doing this you must accept the Terms and Service.

After reading the TOS there will be a button to ACCEPT the Terms, this will then take you to the Download screen, once you have downloaded the Lands of Hope client use the links in the Lands of Hope program group to start the gaem to create your account.

After entering the details in the New Account section of the Launcher screen, click the button to send those details to our game server, you will then be given a confirmation screen "web page" where you can confirm the settings and add a few more.

All of these details can be changed after making the account, the Email Address is vitally important as we need to verify that address before you can play.

If you do not receive a verification email to that address it is most likely due to the fact that you entered an incorrect email address, the email was deleted due to junk filters or there was some problem sending the email. If you have email filtering or blocking enabled you should add to your list of trusted domains/email senders so that our emails can reach you.

After you have entered all of the required details, clicking the Signup button will go ahead and make your Account. At which point the Verification email is sent containing a copy of the information you entered as well as your verification code so that you can activate the account.

Once your account is verified you can make new characters and begin to play Lands of Hope!