Installation and Setup
Install the game files to any directory on your computer, although for ease of use I recommend the default c:\fh2\ if however this is not possible install it wherever you wish, but ideally in a folder that isnt nestled within too many others.

The Game pushes Internet Explorer (or Forlorn Explorer) to its limits, and uses a number of technologies.

To play the game as it was intended you may need to turn Popup Blockers off (at least for the website) while the game itself does not force popups apon you, sometimes when you click on a link in one of the menus it may take you to an external website for example Help > Forums will open a new browser window.

Cookies, these are an awesome delight in the kitchen *yay for Chocolate Chips*, Browser Cookies are required to allow you to play the game and Access the Forums.

There is also a simple page cookiecheck.asp that can be used to check your system is configured correctly.